5 Storage Tips For Moving To A New House

5 Storage Tips For Moving To A New House

Moving? Overwhelmed? Here is 5 tips to help.

As you plan for a move does the amount of boxes overwhelm you? Is there any way to store things better? Over the past few years we’ve had an increasing number of customers using our self-storage facilities to help them move to a new house – maybe they want to lessen the number of boxes to shift on moving day, or perhaps as a longer-term solution if the new house isn’t quite ready.

We always say that a well-organised storage unit is the best kind – putting a bit of time and effort it to planning your packing and storing in advance will save you time and money in the long run (and definitely be less stressful when it comes to unpacking)! 

…a well-organised storage unit

is the best kind

Here we share five of our top tips for getting the most out of your storage facility:

1. Stack em’ high

Make sure you use the full height of your storage unit by stacking boxes to the top. Just make sure you do it safely and put the heaviest items at the bottom.

2. Dismantle

Dismantle any furniture before you put it in storage, making sure you pop all the nuts and bolts in a secure bag and tape it safely to the items along with the assembly instructions (if you still have them!).

3. Take photos

If you’re disconnecting electrics take photos before you unplug anything and make sure you pack all the relevant cables together (along with the photo) – it will save you so much time the other end.

4. Invest in proper storage boxes

This is important when storing anything, but with clothes in particular, being able to store them hanging up will reduce the creasing (and ironing) time when it comes to unpacking. These can be purchased from many places. E.g. Argos have a huge range.

5. Lists and Labels

Make lists of what’s in every box and mark every box clearly, ensuring the box label is clear when you’re packing up your storage unit – your future self will thank you if you need to retrieve something from your unit.

And finally, if you’re still not clear how to get the most out of your unit – Get in touch with us!

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always happy to help with advice on the most appropriate unit, how to store within your unit and where to get the best packing materials…get in touch today!

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