Dealing With Christmas Decorations

Dealing With Christmas Decorations

Christmas is approaching and it won’t be long till its time to pack down. Many of our customers take advantage of their self-storage to pop seasonal items away safely out of sight to be retrieved next year. This can be an arduous task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips about what to do with all your Christmas items for next year.

Christmas is approaching and it won’t be long till it’s time to pack down.

1. Christmas Tree

If your string an artificial tree, dismantle it into sections and store them in labelled separate boxes. Make sure it is stored above ground away from moisture which will either deteriorate or discolour the tree.

2. Christmas Lights

Firstly, take an inventory of your lights. Before you prepare them for storage, count how many strands you have. Secondly, untangle the strands. Work from the plug, and be gentle with your lights as you untangle to avoid damaging them or worsening any knots. Thirdly, test the untangled light strands. There’s no point in storing burned-out lights. Make sure each one works by briefly plugging them into the wall. Finally, wrap your lights (you can use a range of items but a heavy-duty coat hanger works well) and store them in a hard-plastic box to avoid breaks.

3. Christmas Decorations

The temptation is in haste after Christmas to lump every item together into a large container and get it out of sight. However, you will make decorations’ life longer and yours easier if you spend the time packing each item carefully for future use. Christmas decorations need to be wrapped and placed in a box or storage container. Put ornaments in containers which divide each one separately. Colour code and label boxes with descriptions on the outside.

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