When space is swallowed, where do you go next?

When space is swallowed, where do you go next?

One of the biggest issues for modern families is space… or rather, lack of it. For many of us buying a bigger property isn’t an option. So, what do you do when space is ‘swallowed’ in your home?

Here are some clever methods to create the space you need…

1. Sell your possessions online

Websites like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace provide the perfect platform to sell unwanted possessions at the click of a button. If you aren’t using an item and don’t see any future use, why keep hold of it? Other than shipping and collections, you can do all the selling from the comfort of your home… easy peasy.
Before listing your possession(s), research how much similar items are selling for so you have a rough idea of value – this way you’ll avoid under-pricing (and the disappointment when you realise you have!).

2. Give away some of your unwanted items to charity

One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure – it’s true! Lots of organisations rely solely on donations to keep their work going, so by giving away items you’ll not only be freeing up space in your home, you’ll also be supporting a great cause.

There’s also the environmental factor… shopping second hand is a sustainable way of buying – reusing items that would otherwise have been thrown away. You’re contributing to that positive cycle when you donate.

3. Use the space in and around your home creatively

Have you really explored and exhausted all possible storage options in and out of your property? The eaves in your roof, attics or garden sheds can all provide a great space to store items.

What about repurposing spaces? A bookshelf in a stairwell, use of walls and ceilings to hang items from, or seats with built-in storage provide a dual purpose – they’re practical while being aesthetically pleasing.

Adaptations like these will inevitably vary in cost, so it’s about weighing up the value each would bring to your home life. If you’re stuck for creative ideas there’s plenty of inspiration around, especially on platforms like Pinterest where you can ‘pin’ (save) ideas for future reference. Unleash your creativity!

4. Self-storage

Self-storage services work out much cheaper than buying a bigger home. Here are just some of the scenarios where self-storage would be ideal…

  • Storing seasonal items throughout the year to free up space when they’re not in use
  • For when the kids are back from university and have brought back way more stuff than they left with…
  • Storing collectibles that would otherwise create tension between you and your other half…!

    Yes, self-storage is an expense but this sort of investment is well worth it (our customers say so – just read our reviews!), plus you have the flexibility of being able to access it as and when you need it.

Where do you go when space is swallowed? There are lots of options, without having to worry about moving (phew). For affordable self-storage, get in touch with the Now Storage team on 0800 0787 110 or email info@nowstorage.co.uk. Did you know we can help with business storage, too?