7 reasons businesses use self-storage

Self-storage is not only popular with domestic customers, it’s also popular with businesses. We’re here to share just some of the reasons businesses choose to use self-storage and how it could benefit your business, too!

1. Running an online business

Running an online business has many perks – for one you can run your business from home with few overheads. But one of the downsides is the lack of space you’ll likely have for managing stock and chances are you won’t want it getting in the way of your home life. This is where self-storage comes and saves the day offering flexibility!

2. Storing extra stock

If you have a physical store or shop and lack extra storage space you can be left working in a crowded space which isn’t good for anyone. Self-storage offers a flexible storage option for when you need more space – whether on a long term or short term basis. Now Storage’s business self-storage is flexible around you – choose how much space you need and for how long.

3. Storing equipment and furniture during an office move

Moving offices from one location to another might not happen in one go so self-storage is a handy solution while you’re in a transition phase, giving you more time to organise your new space.

4. Downsizing business premises

Office space comes with significant costs and with remote working more possible than ever before, you might be looking to downsize your business premises. Self-storage is a great option where you have surplus office equipment that you need to hold onto – there to access whenever you need them.

5. Storing seasonal stock

Self-storage is ideal for seasonal marketing collateral or promotional items that you only need once a year or so. With a good labelling system you can store them away neatly, ready to access when needed. It’s also ideal for storing event marketing materials that you only need to access a couple of times a year, saving space on your premises while keeping everything organised.

6. Archive and document storage

While we’re in an ever-digital world, there are still certain requirements where you’ll need to keep hold of documents and paperwork for a certain length of time. The problem is they take up space. Self-storage allows you to securely store them away for as long as the business requires, without using precious office space.

7. Storing tools, machinery and equipment

Bulky items like tools, machinery and equipment easily get in the way so having your own self-storage unit(s) where you can securely store items is a reliable option and brings businesses peace of mind.

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