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Self Storage For Travelling

24th Aug 2023

Are you planning an exciting travel adventure and wondering what to do with your belongings while you’re away? Look no further than Now Storage, your first and only stop for storing your valuables during your travels. When it comes to …

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Declutter Your Home With The 6-Month Method

10th Aug 2023

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Do you want to reclaim your space and enjoy a more organised and aesthetically pleasing environment? Well, you’re in luck! Now Self Storage will introduce you to the …

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Image of a minimalist design kitchen.

Why minimalist design is effective

22nd Jun 2023

The now highly popular minimalist ‘less is more’ approach to interior design was brought to the Western world in the mid-1900s by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a German-American architect and furniture designer. But you trace the roots of minimalist …

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Image of a student in the library.

How much storage does a uni student need? 

6th Apr 2023

Figuring out exactly how much storage you will need as a uni student can be difficult. Students all have differing tastes, hobbies, lifestyles, and accommodation situations, so the amount they decide to bring with them to university can vary greatly. …

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Image of a small bedroom.

Storage hacks for small bedrooms

29th Mar 2023

Living space is a highly sought-after commodity in the UK, and we are certainly not the largest island. Living space is particularly limited in cities and urban areas. A recent study analysing 350 four and five-bed homes for sale across …

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Image of a classic car.

How to store a classic car

8th Mar 2023

The designs, craftsmanship, retro production methods, chic classic interior decor, old-school mechanics, and a sense of nostalgia are some of the key things that fascinate and attract people to classic cars. You may have to submit a lot of bids …

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Image of bicycle stored on a wall.

Storing a bicycle in a small living space

28th Feb 2023

Finding practical solutions for storing a bicycle in a small living space can be a challenge, as keen road cyclists will only be too aware of. With the British isles now home to over 72 million people, space is at …

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Rental home with boxes of belongings piled up for storage.

Storage hacks for renters

2nd Feb 2023

Renters, whether on a long-term or short-term tenancy, have to think more carefully about their storage than homeowners. When weighing up practical storage ideas as someone renting, remember to bear in mind that it’s perfectly plausible you won’t be living …

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Image of man holding cardboard box full of folded clothes.

How to pack clothes for a storage unit

19th Dec 2022

Moving house, going abroad for a while, needing somewhere to put business goods, or simply having too many clothes lying around your place – there are many reasons why people may decide to use a storage unit.  You may have …

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How to maximise space in your home office

How to maximise space in your home office

21st Jul 2020

With more and more of us working from home, creating a comfortable work environment has never been so necessary. Here are five tips to maximise space in your home office so you can work at your most productive.

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Dealing With Christmas Decorations

How to store away Christmas decorations

1st Dec 2018

Christmas is approaching and it won’t be long till its time to pack down. Many of our customers take advantage of their self-storage to pop seasonal items away safely out of sight to be retrieved next year.

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5 reasons for Considering a Caravan

21st Sep 2018

Summer is here, feel like unplugging? Its the season which woos the nation outdoors, but being Britain, holidaymakers beware! Or consider a caravan.

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