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Keeping your cool in the midst of a kitchen renovation

1st Jun 2020 Uncategorized

One of the biggest issues for modern families is space… or rather, lack of it. For many of us buying a bigger property isn’t an option. So, what do you do when space is ‘swallowed’ in your home?

This way

A kitchen renovation sounds like the perfect nightmare for anyone. Even if you live alone, coping without a hob, oven, and the drinking water tap can be too much to bear – and let’s not even start on the logistics of the washing up! What you need is a plan that doesn’t involve expensive restaurant bills every night of the week… 

Is it possible to survive? Yep! And here’s how…

1. Pack up your kitchen

When the renovation start date has been confirmed it’s time to clear everything out that you want to keep, putting only the essentials aside. Everything else should be packed and moved out to keep your home as clear as possible – self-storage facilities are perfect for short term (or longer term) storage needs.

Allow plenty of time so you can pack methodically. A kitchen renovation is the ideal opportunity to declutter so you don’t end up storing items you no longer use or need. If you no longer need an item consider recycling it, giving it to charity, or throwing it in the bin. 

2. Create a temporary kitchen

Choose another room where you can set up a temporary kitchen and get your fridge, kettle and/or camping stove up and running. This will become your haven when the work begins so gather your essentials and settle in. When the work starts, keep the doors shut to reduce the amount of dust travelling and to keep the heat in.

3. Keep your essentials handy

Think about what you use in your kitchen on a daily basis without fail – these are your essentials. 

What’s the top essential? Water. You’ll need plenty of bottles of drinking water in reserve while the renovation takes place as it’s likely your water supply will need to be switched off for a day or two during the work. What about washing up? Use a washing up bowl and a kettle for the hot water – which means keeping washing up, a sponge and tea towel handy. 

Keep other essentials to a minimum to avoid clutter – a few plates, mugs and enough cutlery to get you by, along with a handful of cupboard staples like oil, salt, pepper and canned supplies. It’s amazing how resourceful you can be when needs must!

4. Plan alternatives

It’s time to accept that it won’t be ‘business as usual’ when it comes to preparing and cooking food – but luckily, it’s only temporary! Make a list of the alternatives you’re happy to indulge in and create a rough meal plan for the duration of the renovation process. This might include the odd takeaway or meal out or eating with friends and family. 

Alternatively, make the most of your freezer and get batch cooking to minimise the food preparation process.

5. Don’t forget your laundry!

Many kitchens are also the home of the washing machine. Launderettes are one solution, although there are only a handful around these days (collection services are often available). Why not ask a neighbour or friend if it’s OK to use theirs a couple of times? You can invite them round for a meal in your sparkly, new kitchen when it’s finished to say ‘thank you’!

When your kitchen is back, you’ll forget all about living in a building site for so long – it’ll all be worth it! For your kitchen renovation storage needs, get in touch with the friendly Now Storage team by emailing or phoning 0800 0787 110. For more advice, check out our blog on how to prepare for a renovation: decorating.


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