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Middle Moving Syndrome

6th Apr 2020 Uncategorized

One of the biggest issues for modern families is space… or rather, lack of it. For many of us buying a bigger property isn’t an option. So, what do you do when space is ‘swallowed’ in your home?

This way

Moving properties is a bit like navigating a journey from A to B. You’ve got it all mapped out and you know where you want to end up, but sometimes you get stuck in the middle. ‘A’ is finding the right house and selling your old one and ‘B’ is moving in and getting settled. But, what about the grey area in the middle (or, as we call it, the ‘middle moving syndrome’)? What if the A to B transition isn’t seamless? 

The good news is avoiding a sticky middle is possible as long as you understand the tricks of the trade. Here are the basics…

1. Synchronise buying and selling

To afford a new home, you’ll likely have to sell your current one (unless you’re in a very fortunate position). But often, homeowners don’t sync the process and end up with nowhere to stay until the deal is completed. The last thing anyone wants is to be without a home so both transactions have to go through simultaneously. 

Because you’re not in control, it can be a daunting task but there are solutions to help synchronise the process. One solution is to use the same bank for buying and selling to limit confusion and speed up the process. Another solution is to ask the estate agents to work together and not waste time. Take a look at our blog for more moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

2. Have a Plan B

Even when you try to finalise both deals as quickly as possible it doesn’t always work out that way. A contingency plan is the only way to ensure there’s a place for you and your family to stay while you move into your new home. 

So, what’s your Plan B? Could you stay with family or friends? If not, what rental opportunities are available in the area? Could you still commute to work easily? Hopefully you won’t need to resort to Plan B but having one in place will bring peace of mind should Plan A not map out as you’d hoped. 

3. Reduce clutter

The middle part of the move is when you have to get your belongings from one place to another. Not only can it be difficult and time-consuming, but it’s also expensive. To avoid wasting energy and money, it’s a savvy idea to invest in self-storage while you’re inbetween. The cost is low, which is a bonus, and it helps to reduce the price of a moving truck and movers. It also gives you the opportunity to clean your new property and decide where items will live before moving everything in. Win-win!

4. Think clearly

The middle is the part which is the most stressful. Stress can force us to make bad decisions, and that can exacerbate the situation. Everyone wants the process to be over as quickly as possible, which is why stress-relief is essential (take a look at our blog for tips on dealing with moving stress). Schedule in some time out to give yourself a break from it all – don’t forget, moving house is one of the top life stressors!

Stuck in the middle and need to store your belongings? For flexible and affordable self-storage, get in touch with the friendly, Now Storage team. Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and special offers.


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