Downsizing home

The downsides of downsizing

Moving to a smaller home is often a great idea. The upsides include saving money and reduced maintenance (think of the extra time you’ll have as a result!).

But there are also some downsides to downsizing to be aware of… We’re going to look at some of them, along with suggestions of how to overcome the potential barriers.

Impact on daily life

Humans are creatures of habit – we like routine and become comfortable in familiar surroundings. Downsizing could mean living somewhere which doesn’t enable your old habits, and you might feel as though the rug has been pulled from under your feet. This change in lifestyle can be difficult to adapt to.

On the flip side, a smaller home means the opportunity for a fresh start – the chance to create new surroundings. As a nation of hoarders, we tend to hold on to items without a reason, keeping them out of habit. But that very habit can also make you feel overwhelmed with ‘stuff’! Ask yourself if you really need or love a particular item – if not, you could recycle it, upcycle it or give it to charity. This will keep your new home clutter-free, more spacious and ready to make your own.

Less space

Another downside is not being able to fit the items you love and do want to keep. There are a few options to help with this problem…

  1. Invest in storage at home
    If you need the items in your everyday life, you don’t have a choice – they need to be at home with you. Fortunately, there are lots of clever storage solutions out there to help you. Companies like IKEA have pioneered this art with homes getting smaller and people owning more than ever before.
  2. Use flexible self storage
    If you don’t need the items on a daily basis or you can’t decide whether to keep an item self storage is a good way to go – whether short term or long term. Accessible and affordable self storage means you can have all your important belongings looked after for as long as you need without having to part with them.

Moving to a smaller home is never an easy process. There are practical implications and, of course, there’s the psychological impact too. But with time and resourcefulness, your new surroundings will gradually start to feel like home. And you might start to enjoy all the other benefits of downsizing – like less maintenance/cleaning and more time to enjoy yourself!

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