What can't I store?

Can I Store?

Can I store…? 5 things you can’t put in storage.


… even we have rules

We like to think we offer a flexible self-storage facility here at Now Storage after all our aim and purpose is to make your life easier, whether you’re using our facilities for personal or business use. However, even we have rules and there are some things you aren’t allowed to store with us – some are hopefully common sense, whilst others may not be so obvious.

1. Stolen, illegal goods and potentially dangerous or explosive items

Obvious we hope

2. Jewellery, watches, money, deeds

Whilst we have state of the art security at all of our facilities there are other, more appropriate, places to secure these items.

3. Plants or similar

These pose the risk of attracting pests, vermin or infestations.

4. Perishable items

As above, we don’t want anything in our units that could impact the cleanliness of our facilities. This includes all liquids as there will be a drop in temperature over the winter.

5. No animals

Hopefully pretty self-explanatory

You can find our full terms and conditions here, or if you have any specific questions contact a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team – they’re always happy to help!

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