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Hello Oswestry!

We’re delighted to have a new facility open in Oswestry, the eighth site for Now Storage!

Oswestry offers a wide range of different units that can be used for business or personal storage and with the site open 7-days a week with 24-hour secure access your belongings will never be out of reach. Designated parking spaces are pretty convenient too!

As with all of our sites, keeping your belongings safe is of paramount importance to us so security is key.

Oswestry has a state of the art control system, is CCTV monitored, has a perimeter protection alarm, flood lights and the owner living on site. In addition, we also provide all customers with a FREE padlock!

As if the above isn’t enough, we’re also pleased to confirm that the site in Oswestry has provision for caravan storage, which has previously only been available at our Reading and Ross-On-Wye sites.

The demand for caravan storage is always high and at the moment we’re finding more and more people want to store their caravans away from home for a variety of different reasons, but predominantly space and security. Of course, lots of people simply don’t have the space, but even if you do, storing off site allows you to claim that space back and give it another purpose, and from a security perspective, not having your caravan at your home in the first place means that when you go off on your holiday you’re not advertising the fact you’re away from home to potential burglars.

For more information on the units we have available or to discuss your individual storage needs with a Now Storage expert, please contact our friendly team today on 01691 728 001.

Oswestry won’t be our only new site in 2018 – keep an eye out for another one opening later in the year. Can you guess where?

To keep up with all the latest news and special offers from Now Storage follow us on Facebook and Twitter – it’s also a great way for us to get to know our local communities support other businesses in the vicinity.

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