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Storage hacks for small bedrooms

29th Mar 2023 Home storage

Living space is a highly sought-after commodity in the UK, and we are certainly not the largest island. Living space is particularly limited in cities and urban areas. A recent study analysing 350 four and five-bed homes for sale across …

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Image of a small bedroom.

Living space is a highly sought-after commodity in the UK, and we are certainly not the largest island. Living space is particularly limited in cities and urban areas. A recent study analysing 350 four and five-bed homes for sale across ten of the UK’s biggest cities, found 36 per cent of the bedrooms listed as singles were too small for anyone over the age of ten (according to the Housing Act 1985)

At Now Storage, we are proud specialists in personal and business storage. On a daily basis, we help provide self storage space for home movers, businesses, caravan owners, car owners, and absolutely anyone after self storage solutions!

A personal storage bugbear that we frequently come across is customers lacking the storage space they need in bedrooms, one of the most essential places to have accessible storage at home! Given our industry knowledge in all things storage related, in this blog, we offer our insights into storage hacks for small bedrooms.

Continue reading to learn more about how to maximise storage in small bedrooms. 

Built-in wardrobe units

Installing built-in or ‘fitted’ wardrobe units is a great comprehensive storage solution for small bedrooms. Perhaps the dimensions of your room are small all things considered, but your ceiling is pretty high? You can make the most of this by fitting a sturdy floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobe unit. Realising how much vertical storage you have could help to make your small bedroom start to look a lot bigger. 

You can get your DIY thinking hat on and fit a built-in wardrobe unit in your bedroom yourself. Alternatively, you could hire a professional tradesperson to do it for you. 

Image of built in bedroom wardrobe unit.

Keep your drawers organised (and remember to close them!)

You may not only store clothes in your cupboards and wardrobes. You may also store things like jewellery, arts and crafts, and office supplies in drawers. Using dividers so everything has its designated place and your drawers avoid becoming overly cluttered and chaotic is a smart idea. 

In addition, a clever storage hack for small bedrooms is to simply make sure you don’t leave your drawers open, this will further limit the space you have to move around in. This tip to help maximise your storage in a small bedroom is easy squeezy – shut those drawers!

Space efficient furniture

Some items of bedroom furniture are considerably more space-saving than others. For instance, a small compact bedside table may fit just fine in your bedroom. We recommend writing down the measurements of the furniture before you buy it (particularly if you’re purchasing it online!), and then going into your bedroom with a measuring tape and seeing whether it will fit. 

You will be amazed at how many cleverly designed space-saving furniture pieces that are out there today.

Image of a study desk.

Multifunctional furniture will come in handy

Using multifunctional furniture can be a storage hack for small bedrooms that works a treat. For example, having an ottoman bed with nice deep under-bed drawers you can make the most of as storage could be helpful if you have limited bedroom space. 

Many of us still spend some of our time working from home in the post-pandemic world. You could also use your bedroom as a home office space. In this case, try and double up a small desk as a bedside table. If you like to drink coffee or have a warm drink while working from home in your bedroom, remember to use coasters to protect the surface of your desk!

Image of drawers under a bed.

Be strategic in how you use different areas of the bedroom 

A good way to organise storage in small bedrooms is by designating different areas for different activities. For instance, a make-up or personal grooming area with a small mirror, a neat desk for studying, or a drawing and painting area if art is a pastime you enjoy. 

Just make sure there’s enough space to facilitate the most important activity that is supposed to take place in your bedroom – sleeping!  To reduce the amount of floor space your bed takes up, you could get a sturdy wall-folding bed. 

Are you a bookworm but feel you don’t have sufficient storage space to store many books in your small bedroom? A feasible storage solution could be to install folding bookshelves. 

Organise makeup, grooming supplies, and jewellery in one large tray

Having things like hair combs, brushes, make-up, perfume, deodorant and aftershave, trendy beard oil, and jewellery scattered all over the place will clutter a small bedroom in no time. We suggest keeping things simple by trying to store all these types of items in one large tray with nicely organised dividers so that all your belongings and trinkets can have their own special storage place.

Leave no space underused or wasted

Making good use of all the space you have at your disposal is one of the key storage hacks for small bedrooms. That means using all the small nooks and crannies in your bedroom as storage, including the backs of doors, small crevices, ledges, and so on. You can make the most of the back of your bedroom door as storage by installing fixed horizontal rods with hooks, over the door hooks, or whatever will work as extra storage. 

Go minimalist and be conscious about your purchasing habits

Indulging in fast fashion is all too easy these days with online shopping. Just a few clicks of a button and competitively priced clothes from big brands will arrive at your doorstep in no time. 

However, this can pose storage issues down the line when you’re in a small bedroom and it is filled to the brim with an excessive amount of clothes. Instead, why not go much more minimalist with the possessions you keep in your bedroom? Sell any clothes you no longer intend to wear or send them over to a charity shop. Less is more when it comes to storage hacks for small bedrooms. 

Image of a double bed.

Rent a self storage unit for a bit of peace of mind

Trying to fit all your worldly belongings into small bedrooms with limited space can be a real hassle. It may be the case that you just need to find somewhere else to store your bedroom items safely.

Here at Now Storage, we provide customers with personal (and business) self storage solutions at our storage units at sites equipped with 24-hour CCTV security monitoring and access control systems in 15 locations across England and Wales. Your belongings will be safe with us, we take security measures seriously here.

We have smaller indoor storage units which are ideal for small bedrooms, and storage containers up to 320 sq ft in size with enough room to hold the possessions of a six-bed house! 

Get yourself a quote for a self storage unit, and you’ll see just how competitive our prices are.

One of the perks of renting a self storage unit space for your small bedroom with Now Storage is that it will give you the crucial peace of mind you need, knowing your belongings are stored away securely. When you choose us, you will have access to your storage unit seven days a week.

Looking to store your car or caravan? No problem! We provide vehicle storage options too. 

Image of the hallway of a self storage unit facility.

So, are you interested in renting a unit space as a storage solution to your small bedroom’s storage limitations? Get in touch with us at Now storage today by giving us a call on 0800 0787 110 or dropping us a message


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We will never share your data with other companies; See our privacy policy for more information