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How to store a classic car

8th Mar 2023 Car storage Storage

The designs, craftsmanship, retro production methods, chic classic interior decor, old-school mechanics, and a sense of nostalgia are some of the key things that fascinate and attract people to classic cars. You may have to submit a lot of bids …

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Image of a classic car.

The designs, craftsmanship, retro production methods, chic classic interior decor, old-school mechanics, and a sense of nostalgia are some of the key things that fascinate and attract people to classic cars. You may have to submit a lot of bids at auctions fighting off fellow petrolheads to get your hands on one!

There’s nothing quite like that authentic revving sound you get when starting a vintage motorcar.

Owning a stylish classic car is one thing, but how do you store and look after it properly? Classic cars always require a lot of maintenance and TLC in order to stay in good working condition. 

Failing to store your classic car properly will give you real headaches and cause its condition to deteriorate over time. 

At Now Storage, we are experienced well-seasoned experts in everything storage related. We have therefore chosen to provide you with some tips and sensible advice on how to store a classic car.

Image of a classic car stored in a garage space.

The best ways to store a classic car 

There are all sorts of different places and spaces you can make the most of to store a classic car. But which ones are the most effective? Here are our ideas on some of the best ways to store a classic car!

In a garage 

Undeniably, one of tHe best ways to store a classic car is by putting it away safely in a garage. You may be lucky enough to have a garage at your home. Alternatively, you can pay for the privilege to hire a garage space elsewhere if you don’t have one at home. 

There are clear advantages to storing your classic car in a garage. Here, we have highlighted some of the benefits of storing your classic motor in a garage. 

Protect the car’s exterior from the elements

Storing your classic car in a garage can help to protect the exterior from the rain, wind, snow, frost, and all the other ever-changing weather elements we get in the UK. Having your classic car outside and exposed to the elements can cause dirt and acid to building up and damage to its exterior and paintwork.

High temperatures and UV rays can also cause clear damage to your retro motor’s interior and exterior. A way to protect against damage from UV rays is to make sure you wax your car regularly. Nevertheless, keeping your classic car in a garage is an even better idea. 

Image of a man maintaining a car's paintwork.

Avoid damage from other vehicles and vandalism

Storing your classic car safely in a garage will also help you avoid getting dents, scratches, and broken windows due to vandalism or being hit by other vehicles.

Getting your classic car into good working condition might have taken a number of years of dedicated maintenance, and this may have also cost you a fair few quid. Therefore, putting your classic car in a garage is a sensible way to ensure it stays in the best possible condition and out of harm’s way.

Help keep the engine in good working order

Using a warm garage to store your classic car will also mean that the fluid and oil levels are maintained at constant levels. The engine staying nice and well lubricated in a garage will therefore cause your beloved retro car to perform a lot better compared to how it would do if you left it stored outside.

Reduce your car insurance costs

Car insurance can work out pretty expensive for classic car owners. Parking your car outside can make it more vulnerable to theft, vandalism, damage from other vehicles, or deterioration over time due to the impact of the weather.

With this in mind, some car insurance providers offer lower-priced premiums for those storing classic cars in a secure garage. Paying less for your car insurance is thereby another advantage of deciding to store your classic car in a garage. 

Timber garages 

There are advantages to storing your classic car in a timber garage building made from wood. But why is this the case? What’s so special about wood? 

OK, well, for starters it has natural insulation properties. Wooden garage buildings will help to keep your classic car at a warmer far more ideal temperature than structures made of metal or other materials. This means wooden garages are excellent places to store your classic car in the winter. 

Image of a timber garage.

On the other hand, concrete garages are colder and more prone to letting in higher levels of condensation and damp during the winter months. 

In addition, a timber garage only needs to have a single concrete slab foundation. As a result, timber garages are cheap and easy to install.

Brick garages 

Brick is another good construction material to use when building a garage to store your classic car because it is durable and capable of standing the test of time.

Moreover, brick garages can blend in well with the design of the rest of your home. Therefore, by creating a brick garage for your classic car, you can expand your home living space whilst adding value to the property and protecting your prized vintage motor vehicle.

Brick garages can be flexible spaces used for a variety of purposes. So, once you feel like ceasing to store your classic car in the brick garage space, you can look to use it as an outhouse building and turn it into a home office, guest room, workshop or whatever you like. 

Portable garages 

Now, your first question may well be, what is a portable garage?! Essentially, portable or ‘temporary’ garages offer moveable shelter and protection for your classic care. 

Although portable garages look may like tents people put around cars on driveways, they are pretty resilient. Portable garages tend to be made with sturdy steel frames and rugged covers which are resilient to strong weather events. 

A key benefit to using a portable garage to store your classic car is that there will be no issue should you move house, just simply take it along to your new abode with you.


Installing a carport can be an efficient way to store your classic car on your driveway at home. A carport is a covered structure used to offer limited protection to cars from rain, UV rays, and snow. The structure can either be free-standing or attached to a wall. A carport usually only has one of two walls. 

On the flip side, carports also don’t necessarily provide a reliable long-term storage solution for your classic car. They will still leave your retro wagon pretty open to the elements and vulnerable to thieves and vandalism. 

Image of a car port.

Underground parking 

Parking space in bustling cities can be like gold dust and hard to come by. Underground parking is therefore a particularly smart storage solution for classic car owners who live in heavily built-up urban areas. What’s more, it will help to keep the car stored somewhere it’s protected from the adverse effects of extreme weather conditions.  

You can rent out an underground parking space on a long-term basis, get a home in a development complex where underground parking is provided, or even get digging to create one underneath your home. However, please bear in mind that it’s likely you will need planning permission before beginning to try and build underground parking beneath your home. 

Image of an underground car park.

Hire a storage unit 

Looking for a practical idea about where best to store your classic car in the long term? An ideal solution to your classic car storage dilemmas is to hire a storage unit space from a reliable reputable self-storage provider. 

We at Now Storage have safe, secure storage units that are just perfect for your classic car. We make the whole storage experience wonderfully easy for classic car owners thanks to the nice and simple drive-up access we offer at our facilities.

So, get a quote today! You’ll find we’re a competitively-priced storage solution. 

Do you also own a caravan? You’ll be pleased to know that we also provide Caravan Storage in Newent and Oswestry.

Image of self storage unit.

Breathable specialised car covers

Are you unable for whatever reason to store your classic car in an indoor storage space, but looking to provide it with some extra protection while it sits outside? If so, investing in a breathable specialised car cover could be a wise option. 

Choosing a car cover that is made from a breathable material will help to prevent excess moisture from getting trapped underneath. 

What happens when you store a classic car incorrectly? 

Sensible long-term storage solutions will keep your classic car in decent working order and help to maintain its value. But here we summarise some of the biggest issues that can arise when you store your classic car incorrectly. 

Damp, mould and rust

Damp spells trouble for the condition of your classic car. Dampness and moisture will not only spoil the classy leather seats and interior of your classic car, but they can also lead to rust developing on the bodywork. 

To prevent mould and rust from taking hold, use a dehumidifier or choose a modern self storage unit with the appropriate fitted ventilation systems.

Flat tyres

A big no-no when putting your classic car into storage is just to leave it there over years without ever doing the necessary servicing. You need to ensure you give the engine a good rev and take the wheels for a good spin routinely. Tyres on classic cars were designed to rotate across tarmac, so their condition can rapidly deteriorate when left sitting in one place for too long. 

Store your classic car incorrectly or fail to carry out the necessary maintenance such as driving it regularly to roll the tyres, checking the PSIs, pumping them up, or replacing them with new ones entirely, then your tyres will start to develop ‘flat spot’ sections of badly worn type tread. Rest assured, no classic car with flat spots in its tyres will drive smoothly. So, be sure to store it correctly and keep up with the maintenance of your wheels. 

Image of a classic car wheel.

Serious mechanical failures 

Storing a classic car incorrectly in inadequate conditions can lead to serious mechanical issues. Engine components’ certainly don’t perform very well when they’re wet or filled with dirt or grime in an inappropriate storage setting.

Damage to paintwork 

Having lovely shiny paintwork can be the icing on the cake for enthusiastic classic car owners. However, storing your classic car incorrectly in a place that’s not properly ventilated and climate-controlled will only cause your paintwork to corrode.

Loss of value 

Another detrimental consequence of incorrectly storing your classic car is that there’s a high chance that the damage incurred during storage can result in the car losing its value when you come to sell it. Money isn’t everything in life, however, it’s certainly true that you can fetch a nice fair amount of money by selling a stunning classic car in good condition. 

How to prepare your classic car for long-term storage

Preparing your car for long-term storage of 12 months or more is a big deal for classic car lovers, you’ll be living without seeing your wonderful retro motor wagon any longer after all. Here are some of the things you need to do beforehand to prepare your classic car for long-term storage: 

  • Get the car valeted inside and out
  • Have it fully serviced by a qualified mechanic
  • Fill the tank up with fuel to try and prevent condensation from building up
  • Buy a battery charger so you can charge up the car’s battery when it hasn’t been used in a while
  • Leave a window slightly open for ventilation purposes
  • Purchase seat covers to help protect the classic upholstery.

How to look after a classic car in storage 

Don’t leave your classic car for months on end in storage without visiting it to do the necessary check-ups. It’s a good idea to try and visit your motor while it’s in storage at the very least once a month. 

Here are a few pointers on how to look after a classic car in storage. 

Image of someone maintaining a classic car.

Start it regularly 

Classic cars can seize up and get pretty rusty when they’re not used regularly. With this in mind, you should pay your vintage car in storage a visit and start it regularly to ensure everything is still working fine.

Keep oil and water levels topped up 

Having optimal oil and water levels is crucial for your classic car. And you must check and top-up these fluids whenever needs must. Keep reminders on your phone calendar or in a diary so you know when it’s time to go and top up the fluids.

Get a mechanic to carry out checks 

Although you may know a fair old bit about classic cars, it could be a better idea for you to hire a professional mechanic to carry out checks on your car while it’s in storage. After all, if you want to be able to drive it legally on the roads, you’ll need it to pass an MOT test. Of course, you don’t have to hire a mechanic frequently, just every now and then to check and see that everything is still working as it should be. 

A car mechanic with a spanner in hand.

Keep the car well-ventilated

Older cars need to stay properly ventilated, otherwise, they can really start to pong and taking it for a leisurely drive will no longer be such a pleasant experience.

So, open the windows a little to ensure the car gets ventilation while it’s in storage.

Clean it thoroughly using the right cleaning agents  

You want the paintwork of your classic car to glisten and stay pristine and clean. So, do your research on the best car shampoos and waxes available today, and clean the car thoroughly from top to bottom.

Stay in good communication with the storage company

Have you decided to go with a storage provider? In that case, it’s essential to make sure you stay in good communication with their staff and check up on your precious classic car in storage.

When you hire a storage unit at Now Storage, you will have access seven days a week to your classic car. Moreover, our team are friendly, professional, and only too willing to help you with your queries. 

You should now understand all the tips and tricks behind having your classic car in long-term storage. Interested in putting your classic car in a self-storage unit where you know it’s stored away safely? We’ve got you covered. Get in touch with Now Storage today by calling us on 0330 031 8398 or sending us a message.


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