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Storage tips for busy parents

You love your kids to the moon and back, but can sometimes be demanding, and you often find yourself constantly busy and rushed off your feet. Raising kids at the same time as working long hours may mean you have …

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Image of a busy parent with two children asking questions and wanting attention.

You love your kids to the moon and back, but can sometimes be demanding, and you often find yourself constantly busy and rushed off your feet.

Raising kids at the same time as working long hours may mean you have very little free time to yourself. A 2021 study found that 50.4% of working families in this country had both parents working full-time jobs. 

With this in mind, Now Storage has decided to draw up some handy storage tips for busy parents.

Image of children's toys that need to be stored away.

Install multi-level wall hooks

Parents with school-age children quickly learn about how much clutter around the house comes from them throwing their coats and jackets everywhere when they get back home. What’s more, your kids will also need somewhere to hang up their school bags, sports equipment, and so on. 

What storage solution could help with storing away their coats and bags at home in a tidy manner? A good idea is to install suitable multi-level wall hooks so they can hang up their coats and bags on pegs. The multi-level aspect will mean the hooks are at different heights on the wall, this comes in handy when your kids are at different ages and growing at varying paces and are all different sizes from one another.

Remember to fix a backboard supporting the multi-level hooks safely to the wall. Wooden or MDF backboards could be the best way to go. 

Laundry baskets from durable materials 

Every family has dirty laundry to take care of on a regular basis. So, busy parents out there, try getting laundry baskets made from sturdy durable materials that will stand the test of time, because you know just how clumsy kids can be and one of them will inevitably knock it over one day. 

Wicker, rattan, and bamboo and examples of strong materials ideal for larger-size family laundry baskets.

Image of wicker laundry basket.

Have a transportable container for your cleaning supplies

As a busy working parent hoping to keep on top of things at home, you may want to be able to swoop in easily and be in and out of there in no time whenever your children make a mess. 

Our suggestion? Store your household cleaning supplies in a simple transportable container with wheels. Granted, cleaning up your kids’ mess is not ‘wheelie’ fun, but being a parent isn’t always glamorous, and this little storage tip could make home cleaning easier. 

In addition, you can make cleaning simpler by storing bathroom cleaning products in the upstairs bathrooms within easy reach so you can quickly grab them and clean on the go. Keeping your favourite products around the house means you’re more likely to do a little scrubbing here and there, making it easier to keep on top of. 

Use vertical storage solutions 

Try using vertical storage solutions throughout your house. Storing baskets, containers, and shelving units vertically will help to maximise space in the home you share with your children, something which is especially important if you limited space at home. 

Want to store a family member’s bicycle indoors for instance? An ideal vertical storage solution would be purchasing a special resilient bicycle wall bracket which allows you to do just this, freeing up your floor space at home!

Do your children have mountains of heavy school folders with all their work in? Neatly try storing these folders in vertically placed shelving units or containers.

Image of stacked folders.

Get bespoke shelving units fitted

Freestanding shelving units can be great, but there’s nothing quite like having home storage which is made to measure and bespoke. So, whether they go in the children’s bedrooms, the lounge area, or the kitchen, perhaps it’s time for you to consider getting bespoke shelving units fitted at home. 

Then there’s also the safety element of opting for fitted units over freestanding. You know how easily accidents happen around the house when you have kids with endless bundles of energy.

Shelving units are ideal for storing things like DVDs, books, and boxes for children’s games. You can also dress them to add a little style to your home with trinkets, ornaments and framed family photos. After all, you want your house to be surrounded by fun photographs of your kids, they grow up so fast so capture all the amazing moments of their youth while you can!

Image of fitted bedroom storage.

Multi-functional home furniture

Things like board games, toys, sports gear, and cuddly bears can certainly take up a lot of your home space, and it can sometimes appear that you’re running out of storage for such items. For this reason, multi-functional home furniture such as ottoman footstools, beds, and storage sofas are great storage solutions for busy parents. 

Making the most of hidden storage in multi-functional home furniture can do marvels for decluttering your family’s home living space. Getting yourself an ottoman bed which has sizeable storage drawers for instance will mean your kids can still enjoy their exciting board games, toys, sports gear, and cuddly bears, just without the need for them to clutter up your shared floor space! 

Create a homework desk station

Constantly finding pens, pencils, rulers, and calculators scattered all over your house? Creating an all-encompassing designated homework desk station could be just what your children need at home. 

This way, you can tidily put stationary away in drawers. What’s more, you may also be able to put a computer or laptop on the desk, for your kid to spend their time doing homework on of course!

Have you got limited home living space and there’s not enough room to put up a desk? In which case, look into getting yourself a space-saving practical fold-away wall-mounted desk. Stationery supplies can also be stored vertically in slim desktop storage organisers which are easy to move around.

Make containers out of re-used everyday household items

Being resourceful and re-using everyday things at home is an essential part of ensuring you and your children lead a sustainable lifestyle. 

So, re-using egg cup holders for your mini indoor plants, mugs to hold your children’s stationary, and large glass jars as cereal containers are all great simple storage solutions for parents. 

Image of pencils and crayons stored in tin cans.

Rent a self storage unit 

Have you simply got too much clutter at home and now have nowhere to put it? Hiring a self storage unit could be a savvy storage solution for you and your family. 

Image of a woman organising boxes in a self storage unit.

At Now Storage, we are industry connaisseurs in all things self storage, with indoor and storage container units at sites across 13 locations in England and Wales. Rest assured, your possessions and household goods will be safe and secure with us, we run a tight ship with 24/7 security systems in place. All our storage sites are also open seven days a week.

Have a think about the approximate size of the storage unit(s) you would like to rent. Fear not, space most certainly isn’t an issue when it comes to the storage units we offer here at Now Storage, we’ll have enough space to accommodate all your home storage needs. Our container storage units go up to 320 sq ft in size, which is enough space to store the household possessions of a six-bed house! 

Considering hiring a self storage unit? Get in touch with us today by calling 0808 506 2676 or dropping us a message on our website.


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We will never share your data with other companies; See our privacy policy for more information