How to maximise space in your home office

How to maximise space in your home office

With more and more of us working from home, creating a comfortable work environment has never been so necessary. Here are five tips to maximise space in your home office so you can work at your most productive.

1. Declutter

As the saying goes, tidy home (or office!), tidy mind.

You might not have a dedicated home office – perhaps you’re working in your spare room, in the hallway or a nook of the dining room… whatever office space you have, clear it of clutter and get rid of anything you don’t use or need.

If you want to keep furniture or other belongings in the long term, why not put them safely into self-storage until you need them?

2. Choose furniture wisely

One of the biggest mistakes people make with home offices is buying a mammoth desk that swamps the room/space! So, what are your options?

Built-in desks are ideal because you can tailor them to fit the space you have. Adjustable desks offer more flexibility where you don’t have a dedicated office space – from pull-out to fold-away or desks with fitted shelving to name a few. Then there are corner desks…

Multipurpose furniture will help you further maximise space – decorative storage boxes that fit neatly under your desk, underbed/chair storage or even desks with hidden compartments – there are lots of ways storage can be cleverly concealed to maximise space.

The priority for any home office is that it’s practical – a comfy chair with support is a must so explore the options to find the right balance of comfort and size.

3. Use wall space

When you don’t have much space on the ground, walls offer lots of potential.

Shelving is a great way to keep the floor clear and your desk clutter-free, ideal for storing files, folders, boxes and books – whether fixed to the walls or freestanding. Display boards give you a place to pin papers and reminders without claiming your desk space. You can even hang desk tidies from the wall to keep your office essentials organised and within easy reach.

4. Be creative

The joy of working from your home is that it’s YOUR space! There are no rules about the home office design so make it a welcoming space that you enjoy spending time in. Look around at what’s already in your home – could you upcycle or adapt furniture for your office space to avoid buying more? Let your creative juices flow.

5. Access extra storage

Self-storage is a great alternative for home office overflow – whether you’re an online business needing to store stock long term or a remote office worker needing to store household items in the short term. At Now Storage you can store items for as long as you need and without lengthy contracts – simple!

There are plenty of ways to maximise space in your home office when you think outside the box! Need extra space? Contact the friendly Now Storage team by emailing or phoning 0800 0787 110.

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