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The benefits of international student storage

3rd May 2023 Uncategorized

We are fortunate to have some of the most prestigious universities in the world here n the United Kingdom, so it makes perfect sense that every year students are attracted to making the most of grasping the opportunity to have …

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We are fortunate to have some of the most prestigious universities in the world here n the United Kingdom, so it makes perfect sense that every year students are attracted to making the most of grasping the opportunity to have the experience to study here. In 2021-22, there were a total of 679,970 international students studying in the UK

Moving to the UK from another country to study is a big deal, and you will have a lot on your mind in regards to things that will help you to settle in and feel at home. Your living situation and whether you will be living on campus or in private rented accommodation will of course be at the forefront of your mind as you make your preparations. 

Are you a bit of a hoarder with lots of possessions or do you love fashion and are thinking about where you are going to store your clothes when you go to study in the UK and are away from home? As specialists in all things self storage related, we at Now Storage have come up with this blog piece covering the benefits of international student storage.

Image of students in a lecture hall room.

A convenient storage solution 

On-campus university accommodation and private rental student houses are notoriously small in the UK, and most likely won’t offer you much space at all to store all your belongings when you are living here. Therefore, deciding to hire a self storage unit nearby will help to resolve any issues around there being a lack of storage space at your student home.

Another reason why self storage is a convenient storage solution for international students is the peace of mind that it offers. Using a respected self storage provider that does all it can to ensure first-rate security to protect your possessions as we do at Now Storage and the 24/7 security monitoring at our sites will put your mind at ease. 

Image of a CCTV camera.

Find local self storage near you 

You want to try and find a self storage facility that isn’t too far away from where you are living since this will give you easy access to your belongings and means you won’t have to travel too far to get hold of them whenever needs be. 

Fortunately, we have self storage facilities at locations in Reading and Cardiff that are ideal for fulfilling your student storage requirements. Both of these locations are home to student communities, with Cardiff having around 42,000 students. Will you be heading off to university in Reading or Cardiff when you come to study in the UK? Check out Now Storage – our self storage rental fees are competitively priced, and our units come in a broad range of sizes to meet your needs. 

Great for when you go travelling  

There are a total of 44 nations in Europe and an endless number of stunning places and Unesco heritage sites to visit if you get the opportunity. It may be the first time you have been to the UK or Europe, if so, you could feel like travelling across continental Europe and making the very most of your time here. 

Your self storage unit will come in useful if you decide to go away on holiday travelling, and there may be certain things of yours that you would prefer to keep stored in a secure storage unit than in your student home while you are away.

Plans can change, and you may stay longer than first expected! 

You never know, you may fall in love with the UK or find someone special and decide to do all you can to extend your stay here. The beauty of hiring a self storage unit as a solution to your international student storage dilemmas is that it is a flexible option, so if you decide to continue your stay here and get a job then you can easily keep your month-by-month storage subscription going. 

You can book a self storage unit/s that suits you with us at Now Storage whenever you feel like it by clicking get a quote, there are no deposits and you only have to pay from your move-in date (not the reservation date).

An ideal storage solution if you move flat 

It is possible that you may move home at some point during your stay here. For instance, if you are staying in the UK as an international student for a year,  instead of getting a 12-month rental contract, you may opt for two separate six-month-long rental agreements in different flats. 

Having a self storage unit you can use to help you move your things from one flat to another can be a lifesaver that makes the whole home moving process a great deal simpler for you. At Now Storage facilities, you will benefit from seven days a week access to your storage unit. 

Clothes storage 

Have you got a passion for fashion and are already planning on bringing mountains of clothes for the different seasons we have here in the UK? In that case, you may also be thinking carefully about how you will possibly be able to realistically store all your clothes. 

Don’t worry, hiring one of Now Storage’s indoor storage units will be an ideal remedy for any clothes storage challenges you encounter when studying in the UK as an international student.  

Sports equipment storage 

Getting involved in sports is a great way to meet people and form special friendships when you are an international student living in the UK. Universities in this country offer amazing sports facilities and clubs, ranging from hockey, to lacrosse, football, American Football, rugby, tennis, badminton, rowing, and just about any sporting activity you could think of! 

You may need to take home sizeable equipment as part of your involvement in participating in sports at university, including hockey sticks, football boots, shinpads, tennis rackets, or whatever it may be. Therefore, renting a self storage space that you are able to pop in and out of at will whenever suits you could be a really useful sports equipment storage solution. 

Image of sports bag.

To store study books 

Are you a student of a subject which requires a lot of reading and you know you will have a fair number of heavy books that need storing properly when you are studying in the UK? A spacious self storage unit is just the perfect storage solution for your heavy study books. 

Suitcase storage 

Did you bring along several suitcases with you when you made the trip to come and study in the UK? They can be pretty large things to store in your university room or flat and take up a fair bit of space, can’t they? Well, a nice and secure self storage unit is a great international student storage solution for your suitcases.

Interested in getting a self storage unit to help you meet your international student storage needs? Get in contact today by telephoning us on +44 (0) 333 257 8014 or sending us a message. As a company, we are dedicated to providing customers with excellent customer service, so our friendly team are there to answer any questions you may have.


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